Walking on Sunshine!

Just A Thought........

I have been attending church for many years.  I really feel God is with me.  Emmanuel another name for JESUS means God with you.  I still practice feeling changed, born again by being kind to people.  It takes time, more time for some people than others.  Slow to speak, slow to wrath.  No stife.  I want eternal life.  Really believing God's word, the Bible.  God loves us.  You can reach me via email: tigersandlions1236@hotmail.com.  When I fall short, I ask for forgiveness.  I keep believing in JESUS and things work out for me.  Hallelujah!

One of my favorite verses for this year

...Don't let your hearts be troubled, distressed, agitated,

You believe in, adhere to, and trust in, and rely on God,

Believe in, adhere to, and trust in, and rely on Me. - John 14:1.


Thank the Lord! Bless the LORD!