Walking on Sunshine!

Love Your Neighbor as Yourself...

We are all God's children when we repent and accept JESUS Christ as our Lord and Savior.  Love each other the people that are in Christ.  Love your enemies.  Pray for your enemies.  Peace to You!  God loves us.  He loved us first.  God is goodness.  Oh my goodness!  Bless the Lord...O my soul!  Say it with meaning.  Oh, Oh, my soul...Bless the Lord!  When finishing a meal...Bless the Lord!  Bless the Lord!  God wants us to love one another with a brotherly love.  The Good Samaritan...patched up, paid for a warm bed under a roof for the left for dead man on the road per JESUS's parable.  Wouldn't you want help in time of need?  God is our very much help in time of need.  Listen, obey, and thank God for His goodness.  He gave His only begotten Son, JESUS, as a sacrifice for our sins.  Repent.  Accept JESUS Christ as Lord and God will bless you.  Bless the Lord!  Peace unto you and yours, sin no more, the Kingdom of God is upon you!  3.17.12

Bless Everybody...Thank you for Everything Lord!

Reading the Bible.  Sometimes we only have a few minutes a day to read something in the Bible.  I like to read the Bible from beginning to end.  Beginning on January 1 with Genesis 1:1 and continuing through the end of Revelations by the end of the year!  It is good to read the Bible at least once.  I personally have read the Bible three times from beginning to end.  It took exactly one full year each time.  I didn't have time to read the whole Bible this year.  I did read the first five chapters.  Now everyday I try to read as many passages as time allows.  I also didn't want to get mundane with reading the Bible.  As long as I can get an insight from what I read.  I like to take each verse, passage, chapter to heart and really try to understand what it means and what the meaning is for me personally in my life.  I don't want to add/diminish either.  Bless the Lord!  3.17.12